Our Approach

Why Fidusquare?

Our tailored solutions go beyond compliance to give you a clear and holistic view of your business. Powered by real-time accounting and high-quality data, we’ll streamline your financial operations to improve efficiency, free up time and add value.


At Fidusquare, we take the time to get to know you and your business. Far from a ‘one size fits all’ approach that simply ticks boxes, we create bespoke solutions specifically for your individual needs.


We give you expert advice and a fiduciary framework that takes you further than compliance, transforming your business and adding real value with digitised data analysis and reporting.


Transparency applies to everything we do. Our goal is to give you a crystal-clear view of your business, and we’re completely upfront about what we charge and the way we work.


Pioneers in the accounting industry, we provide clients with high-quality data available in near real time.

Powered by the proprietary technology of our affiliate company, bluekern, we optimise the time-consuming tasks of data cleaning and quality control. As a result, we’re able to provide near real time data to clients across more than six European jurisdictions.

Data availability
Data quality
The traditional fiduciary face a service trilemma encompassing cost, quality and availability.

Available data to drive decisions every day

Traditionally, accounting has been perceived as a legal requirement that adds little value. Data from annual accounts and even periodic reports appears too late and with too little detail for companies to be able to act on it in a meaningful way.

At Fidusquare, we see accounting as a powerful management tool to improve performance. Using bluekern technology, we update your accounts daily and make them visible to anyone you choose. The result is analytical cash flows, P&L and key ratios that help you make critical decisions in real time.

High-quality, accurate data to add more value

High-quality accounting depends on accurate, reliable and consistent data, supported by documentation everyone can understand. Too often we see errors from a lack of labelling, missing binding-processes and controls, and failure to reconcile intercompany accounts.

This leads to poor-quality data, ultimately making regular analysis of consolidated financial statements almost impossible. For Fidusquare, data quality is an obligation. We’ve developed proprietary applications with automatic checks to identify and correct errors in real time.

A fixed fee for transparency and peace of mind

Most of our competitors bill by lines entered or time spent. Both methods come with disadvantages. The first does nothing to encourage completion of ‘unpaid tasks’ like labelling, reconciliations or checks, so they are often left to less experienced staff. Billing by time often takes longer, costs more and is difficult to contest.

Fidusquare charges a flat rate, giving you complete transparency and no hidden costs. Thanks to our automated controls and pre-executed operations, lines entered and time spent don’t come into the equation. Most importantly, we believe a fixed fee works best for the trusted partner relationship we establish with our clients