Solutions you can trust

Empowering your business with tailored fiduciary solutions you can trust

Fidusquare is a forward-looking company with a track record built firmly on trust. More than a traditional accountant or corporate governance manager, we’re reimagining the way fiduciary management works.


Harnessing expert advice, innovative technologies and an open, agile approach, our solutions create real value for our clients through traditional fiduciary services and beyond.

Our highly skilled team brings decades of fiduciary experience and a deep understanding of business intelligence driven by the latest technology. Coupled with our flexible approach and highly personalised service, this combination gives us a competitive edge that helps us achieve more for our clients.

Fiduciary Solutions

We design our solutions to help businesses optimise their operations and structure on both an accounting and fiscal level.

Our founders had a clear vision from the start. To create a full-service fiduciary firm, advising and supporting clients in accordance with regulated accounting standards across all areas of their business.

Today, our comprehensive portfolio of corporate governance solutions helps businesses operating throughout Europe to succeed.

Our Values

Our values inform everything we do

To help our clients stay ahead in a rapidly changing world, we believe that trust, collaboration and innovation are key. These values are what help us to stand out from our competitors, and we live them every day.


Fidusquare’s duty of confidentiality is founded on trust, backed by our unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency. Our clients trust us to excel in our work, and we measure our performance by their success.


Great teamwork and open communication are key to the way we operate. We take the time to get to know you and your business in depth, building a strong and lasting partnership to give you better results.


We’re a progressive company reinventing fiduciary management for the modern world. By embracing the latest technology, an agile approach and bold, visionary thinking, we can transform your business and boost your bottom line.